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About us

Beydaar is youth run voluntary organization (registered under society's act 1860) that aims to work to create awareness and civic sense in the society primarily through seminars, symposiums, theatre, training sessions, photography, painting, short films, documentaries, essay writing, debates, group discussions and various other means. Using media as an effective tool, our aim is to spread awareness and address issues by doing radio shows on a regular basis, live drama and short films.

Beydaar Programs

  • Slums Kids Education Programme:

    Slum kids Education programme was started by Beydaar in order to educate those kids who due to their poor financial background are the source of bread and butter for the family and could not go to school or even if they are going to school, could not develop a personality and character that depicts ethical awareness and passion to combat the issues they and their country had.
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  • Youth Advocacy & Activism:

    The aim of the project is to spread the message of beydaar across the country and globe. Our goal is to set up beydaar chapter in major cities of Pakistan and world, invite students from educational institutions and provide them with the platform where they can think, plan and implement activities and programs that can help change things and spread positivity around them.
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  • Inter Faith Harmony Programme:

    Inter faith harmony programme was started with the realization that country is facing religious extremism and violence to its worst pinnacle. There is dying need to educate youth about the issues we have in this regard. This includes the respect for other faiths and their beliefs. Especially the awareness about listening other’s point of view and telling them about your point of view in an effective and civilized manner
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  • Echo change programme:

    Beydaar and it’s collaboration partner Joy of childhood from Ukraine are working on an international project. In that project youth from more than 10 countries had been added and number is increasing day by day
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