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Equipping the youth with necessary skills and expertise to assist them in obtaining international opportunities.

Over the years, there has been an incredible increase in the number of young adults attending international youth forums. This worldwide trend has become a way for the youth around the globe to interact with each other and grow. However, in Pakistan, due to lack of awareness our youth fails to represent the country at these global conferences and internships, and is unable to win international scholarships in a notable percentage. Beydaar Society in collaboration with global youth led organization, Echo Change, realized the challenges our youth faced in obtaining the needed information to get to these international platforms. We conduct necessary workshops where we equip the youth with the required skills and expertise needed to reach the international opportunities. We also engage in career counseling, CV/Resume designing training, and call in trained professionals and experts to help the participants. We aim to increase the frequency of these sessions and add in more information about the technical skills that most young Pakistanis lack right now. We have on board UN representatives who are willing to connect us with different international agencies in this project.