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The Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations have been the guiding principles in all our ventures. Beydaar Society recognized the need to establish a global platform where it could connect with and bring together like-minded young individuals. In 2014, Echo Change was formed as an initiative to help Beydaar Society network with international organizations and mutually benefit with the work they do together.

Echo Change is an international project that aspires to be a leading youth-led media platform as well as have a leading physical presence all over the world. Eight established country chapters are promoting Sustainable Development in their specific countries. Echo Change gives youth and youth-led organizations an opportunity to display their Sustainable Development projects to the world by providing members with various social media technologies that include online radio, pictures, blogs, videos, and a digital magazine. The social activities happening in each country are also promoted through this platform.

We believe that ‘becoming’ the change is the only way to ‘bring’ the change that you want to see.