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The Street Theatre Program

Creativity comes in different shapes and sizes. For some, it is in the drawings they make while for others it is in the movements they see. Art is one of the best tools to use to highlight the everyday societal issues. Beydaar Society in 2014, met with various young Pakistanis who wanted to play a role in spreading awareness. Together, we came up with The Street Theatre Program, which does not only spread positivity; it uses a form of dying art – theatre. We conduct various recruitment sessions where we meet new actors, aspiring writers, and enthusiastic directors. With the help of the whole team, we are able to bring to life a drama that we then perform on the streets. We combine various aspects of performing arts to bring attention to issues like child marriage, girl’s education, provision of basic human rights etc. We are expanding and bringing on board different schools and universities that provide resources for the successful execution of our activities under this project.

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