UNESCO: Peace and Sustainable Development: Role of Education.

    Scaling-up was the theme of this year’s meeting of 80 members of the Partner Networks of the Global Action Programme (GAP) on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).

    We are proud to share that we are one of those 80 members of this partners network. Mr. Hussain Haider, Co founder and Executive Director of Beydaar Society and Echo Change represented both sister organizations at the meeting.

    The group, which met at UNESCO Conference, Canada on March 6th to 8th, serves as a global community of practice and is made up of five networks, each tackling a priority area of the GAP; policy, transforming learning, capacity-building, mobilizing youth and accelerating local solutions. The GAP is intended to drive a worldwide effort on ESD, a crucial element in achieving the new Global Education Agenda.