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Character building of street kids by engaging them in interactive activities.

Child labor is a prevalent issue in Pakistan. For the longest time, this issue was ignored while the children suffered in the worst possible conditions. The Slum Kids’ Education Program recognized the needs of the kids and while it was not possible to eradicate child labor, Beydaar Society started working with street kids who were forced to work and earn an income for their families. Due to their circumstances, these children cannot develop a personality and character that depicts ethical awareness and passion to combat the issues they and their country face. Under this project, children are engaged in activities that help them in grooming their personality, inculcate ethical values and become aware of their role as an effective citizen of the country. Our team uses effective resources that are easy to understand and keep the kids interested in the activities. We have on board various teachers, instructors, and enthusiasts who work admiringly well with these kids.